Is it worth participating in fairs?

Thursday, 09 February, 2023 Food From Poland 40/2023
Małgorzata Ryttel, President of the Board, Maxpol
Many corporate decisionmakers wonder about this question before signing an agreement of participation in a fair. Will the event pay for itself, will we acquire new customers, will we reinforce our contacts with contractors, and how will we present the product promotions?
These are questions many marketing professionals try to answer for their superiors before they decide to participate in a fair.

The answer is simple. Yes, every trip to a trade fair is worth the effort. Why? Quite simply, through participation in fairs, we, above all, create the image of the company and the brand. A good choice of industry fairs for our exhibitors helps them carry out direct talks with current and prospective customers, as well as see the products of competitive companies. Whatever a contractor sees with his own eyes and takes in his hand will surely be much better received than if seen on a computer screen, in a folder, or in a catalogue.

At fairs, many marketing tools are also presented at one place. Moreover, fairs are accompanied by various lectures, conferences, or presentations, providing a picture of current trends in the given industry. It often happens that fairs are attended not just by companies but by cities or states, thus promoting the region from which the given product originates.

Fairs also ensure direct contact, which is indispensable and allows one to answer specific questions about a product which can be seen and often tasted, as well as to discuss potential terms of cooperation or supply on site. Studies performed in Australia at the Fair Association have proven that expenses from the company’s marketing budget, spent on participation in a fair, bring a twofold profit.

Concluded transactions discussed at the fair require no additional efforts from the seller, as they can be finished on site.

Our company, Maxpol, has already been involved in professional organization of international fairs for 33 years and we provide comprehensive services to exhibitors. There are few companies in Poland that would combine organization with stand building. To our exhibitors, we offer a full- service package: from space rental to stand building to all kinds of auxiliary services, such as hiring of hostesses or assistance in handling accommodation or air travel. We also offer full advertising activities in fair catalogues as well as in industry magazines in a given country. Fulfilment of the needs of our exhibitors, care for their comfort, as well as responsibility for the trade success of participants in the events we organize – these are the key objectives of our company. Nowadays, the world of fairs has no limits to us. We organize fairs in virtually all continents.

Our effort and the endeavours of the entire team in everyday work are noticeable to individuals, companies and organizations we cooperate with. We hold many diplomas and distinctions from our exhibitors and foreign partners. We have been a member of the Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry since its establishment. We hold the title of the Leader of Fair Services and a recommendation from the Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry. We are very pleased by the expressions of kindness and recognition, as well as by declarations of continued cooperation. We respect our exhibitors, fulfil their requirements concerning the appearance of the stand, and arrange for many issues connected with an exhibitor’s participation in a fair. We have a flexible approach to all matters ordered by the exhibitor.

The considerable potential and experience of our company allowed us to survive the two years of the pandemic, so hard for the entire exhibition industry, and now we continue our fair organization activities and develop them further. We hope for continued development of the exhibition industry, as well as for new places on the world map where we would be present together with our partners.

With this positive message, we cordially greet all readers of the Food From Poland magazine.


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