We have relied on traditional recipes since the very beginning

Thursday, 30 January, 2020 Food From Poland 37/2020
Julita Sipa, Export Manager at Brześć company, talks about the development of the family business, important achievements in 2019, simplified product ingredients and promotion of export brands.
The company Brześć is a family owned business with a long, thirty-five-year-old tradition. Please tell us about the beginnings.

The company’s idea since the very beginning was to produce goods based on traditional home recipes. We were consciously building the brand which evokes positive, family associations. It is worth mentioning that in the first few years the operation of our factory looked quite different than today. Initially, our offer was directed mainly to the local market. Many stages of production included work carried out manually. Since then we have come a long way – now the confectionery and snacks of Brześć are ‘made’ in modern, fully automated production lines. They also reach a very wide group of consumers, both in Poland and in the world.

How would you sum up the year 2019 in Brześć company? What were the greatest achievements, difficulties and triumphs? What will the next year look like?

The last year was full of many important events in the company’s life. First – and we are proud of this the most – we improved and simplified even more of our flag products’ recipes from steamed dough. The main change is that we have resigned from palm fat and raising agents. This is of course giving compliments to our consumers but also a conscious response to market trends. Further, we successively developed our export activities, entering new markets with our Crispico Little Snacks brand, among others to Japan or South American countries. The biggest challenges with which we have dealt with in recent months are the increasing prices of raw materials and rising employee costs. As we are still a relatively small family business, the above-mentioned increases are felt much more by us than by market giants. This, however, does not discourage us from further development and investment. We are right now introducing a new product into our portfolio of choux pastry products e.g. Puffs to fill. They have a wide range of application in the kitchen – they may serve as an original additive to sweet and dry dishes.

Products available in your offer are mainly cookies, cakes and choux pastry products. What distinguishes your recipes?

As I mentioned earlier, from the very beginning we bet on simple, traditional recipes. We want our clients to feel the taste of home-made baking when they reach for our products. Now, we even go further, by maximally simplifying the ingredients and getting rid of redundant elements. For example – our cult Snack Sticks [choux pastry straws] is currently only made from eggs, flour, rape oil, sugar and salt. We also remember to include in our offer products for lovers of dry flavors – thus we have such products as choux pastry balls, Snack Sticks with seeds, or Puffs to fill [choux buns] which are being introduced right now.

The product portfolio of Brześć company enjoyed such popularity that in 2010 you decided to extend the sales market to include European countries. Since that time almost 10 years have elapsed. Please tell us about export sales.

This is true, the export development and promotion of our export Crispico Little Snacks brand is one of our strategic business goals. We have been extending the group of foreign customers for years, mainly by participating in the most important, international branch events. Apart from the European market, our products reach the customers in both Americas, and recently we have concentrated a lot also on the Middle East countries, as well as South-East Asia. At present we are working on increasing the sales level for our current partners, and also on introducing the mentioned choux buns in our export.

The greatest export hits are…

Definitely our choux pastry goods – choux pastry straws in three variants, with sugar, cinnamon and seeds, and choux pastry balls. We also hope that Puffs to fill choux buns will join soon.

Thank you. It was nice talking with you.

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