Panattoni Park Zgorzelec – a new 70,000 sqm project with ID Logistics as the main tenant

Monday, 15 March, 2021
Panattoni, Europe’s leading industrial developer, has launched the construction of Panattoni Park Zgorzelec, which will comprise ​​approx. 70,000 sqm. This is the developer’s latest 3 PL investment near the Polish-German border. The first tenant has already been secured for the park – ID Logistics, which will occupy 44,500 sqm for its e-commerce operations. Panattoni has also announced that the project will be BREEAM certified at the ‘Excellent’ level.
Even closer to Germany. Panattoni Park Zgorzelec will be situated less than 4 km from the Jędrzychowice-Ludwigsdorf border crossing and less than 1 km from the Zgorzelec junction of the A4 motorway. The developer’s latest investment will accommodate a wide range of tenants in two buildings but is particularly suited for logistics operators that base their operations on the 3PL model. ID Logistics is a prime example of such companies. It operates on five continents and in 18 countries – including Poland, where it manages 13 logistics centres. In Panattoni Park Zgorzelec it has leased 44,500 sqm, on which it will carry out processes for the online orders of its client.

“The strategic location of Zgorzelec, right next to the Polish-German border with its excellent accessibility for pan-European road infrastructure, will result in Panattoni Park Zgorzelec becoming an important logistics centre – not only for Polish companies, but also for its western neighbours,” explains Marek Dobrzycki the Managing Director of Panattoni about the developer’s latest project, adding that “we are glad that through this investment we will be supporting ID Logistics’ growth.”

As Sylwia Dunn, the Business Development Director of ID Logistics, comments: “The rate at which we are opening new warehouses across the world is still dynamic, and as a group we continue to receive invitations to submit offers on an ongoing basis, especially in the field of e-commerce. Thanks to the professionalism and experience of the entire ID Logistics group, as well as the commitment of our Polish team, we have been maintaining a stable level of business development that has not even been halted by the pandemic. The best evidence for this is our presence in Panattoni Park Zgorzelec, as well as our further expansion plans for 2021.”

Panattoni aiming for excellence. Go Earthwise with Panattoni, our sustainable development strategy that has already been consistently implemented for several years, has now entered a new stage. Since the beginning of 2020, each newly constructed park is to be BREEAM certified at least at the ‘Very Good’ level. However, for Panattoni Park Zgorzelec the developer is raising the bar by having it certified at the ‘Excellent’ level. This means that the project will fulfil even stricter requirements in terms of environmental measures, including its impact on the climate and the local community. Currently, the green policy of the company entails achieving 50% energy savings, while limiting power usage to 60%, reducing drinking water consumption by 6,000 litres per day for each facility with an area of ​​20,000 sqm, and achieving a recycling rate of 90%. ID Logistics will also benefit from the park’s BREEAM ‘Excellent’ sustainable development certification, which is based on three pillars: social, environmental and economic, each of which are central to Panattoni’s own philosophy.

Panattoni Park Zgorzelec, with a total area of ​​approx. 70,000 sqm in two buildings (45,000 sqm and 25,000 sqm), is being built alongside national road 30, less than 1 km from the Zgorzelec junction of the A4. The motorway forms part of Pan-European Transport Corridor III, connecting Germany, Poland and Ukraine – and which has been playing an increasingly crucial role in establishing the ‘New Silk Road’. Panattoni Park Zgorzelec is being built in one of the city’s investment areas and is ideally suited to the warehousing requirements of a wide range of industries.


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