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Bogutti Sp. z o. o.

Friday, 25 January, 2019
The BOGUTTI company specializes in production of high quality, rich cookies, baked according to the best Italian technologies. Cream fudge is something for the Polish to be proud of... Cream fudges are still the most recognisable Polish export product. Bogutti is also a producer of the traditional Polish cream fudge recognisable on the international market. We offer three types of cream fudge: MILK, CHOCOLATE and BUTTER. The secret of Bogutti’s cream fudge is its exceptional taste.
Bogutti Sp. z o. o.
48 Gromadzka Street
05-504 Złotokłos, Poland
Phone: +48 783 956 466
Fax: +48 22 266 01 19

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