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Thursday, 24 January, 2019 Food From Poland 34/2019
Interview with Magdalena Azikiewicz, Marketing Manager, ZPC Śnieżka
The quality and taste of Polish sweets and confectionery products is appreciated worldwide. What makes Polish sweets stand out in the international arena?

Observing the market, we can notice a return to traditional recipes, select ingredients and elaborate tastes. Polish manufacturers have been following these principles for many years and their course brings clear results. This trend perfectly fits in with the strategies of our company, we make it a priority to preserve the traditional product recipes which are often more than seventy years old. Favourite chocolate tastes have been ingrained in our memory as early as our childhood and it is thanks to such companies as Śnieżka that we can still relish Michałki® and Michałki z Hanki® candies, also appreciated by foreign customers.

In which countries are your products present? Do you plan to acquire other markets?

Our presence on export markets has been steadily increasing for several years. This year was a breakthrough since our regular customers from the USA, Germany and Romania were joined by those from Austria, Serbia, Slovakia and Chile. The Polish Food Export Ambassador award granted to us this year for our success in the export of foodstuffs and the promotion of Poland became an excellent token of recognition of our operation. Our priority is to reinforce the company’s image internationally and to continuously search for new solutions and possibilities.

2018 is over so please sum up: what was this period like for your company (major events, achievements, new products, acquired markets, etc.)?

2018 was definitely a year of quick development for Śnieżka. According to previous announcements, serious investments have been carried out in the area of machinery, allowing us not only to achieve better production results but, above all, to develop new segments and serving forms. In 2018, the company’s offer was expanded to include chocolate bars, wafers and cookies. The famous Michałki® and Michałki z Hanki® candies have been given a new, attractive serving form, while maintaining their taste advantages.

One of the most significant events was the granting of the “Jakość Tradycja” (Quality Tradition) mark to Michałki® by the Polish Centre for Testing and Certification. The aim of this mark is to distinguish high-quality foodstuffs in traditional products. We are delighted that our greatest pride gains recognition among so many recipients and institutions.

What are your plans for the upcoming years?

Due to the recent period of development, which was intense for the company, we are aware of the opportunities that have opened before us. New technological solutions provide us with a wide range of possibilities to expand our offer or to improve processes so that they can be more ergonomic and efficient. Therefore, our plans abound in new product offers and new serving forms of existing sweets, obviously preserving the high quality, based on traditional recipes.

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