Biedronka to Open a Store in The Warsaw HUB

Friday, 16 November, 2018
Biedronka supermarket chain will open its store in The Warsaw HUB complex being built in Warsaw’s Wola district. The discount store will occupy 1085 sq m in the convenience centre located in the underground part of the building.
Jeronimo Martins Polska S.A., the owner of Biedronka, has signed an agreement with Ghelamco for the lease of 1085 sq m of commercial space in The Warsaw HUB for a period of 10 years with the option to renew to 15. The supermarket will be located in the convenience centre on level -1 of the business complex. The centre will also host restaurants, cafes, a drugstore, dry cleaner’s, and other commercial spaces. The centre will have direct access to the Rondo Daszyńskiego metro station.    

“When designing The Warsaw HUB, we wanted to ensure that not only its innovativeness would be based on state-of-the-art technological and architectural solutions, but also address the needs of modern tenants. A store of the popular Biedronka chain fits in well with our strategy of making The Warsaw HUB a self-sufficient business complex, which provides its employees with a wide range of services and amenities,” says Jarosław Zagórski, Commercial and Business Development Director, Ghelamco Poland.

“The Rondo Daszyńskiego area is the fastest growing part of Warsaw. We are convinced that Biedronka in The Warsaw HUB will perfectly complement the wide range of services and shops available in the building and that its offer will attract both the tenants and the close-by residents,” says Marek Wróbel, Expansion Director, Jeronimo Martins Polska.

“Biedronka will occupy the largest commercial space in the building while being one of the 30 tenants located on levels -1 and 0. The cooperation between Biedronka and The Warsaw HUB is an excellent illustration of the direction of development of office projects in Poland. The developers are focusing on delivering comprehensive offers as part of their projects,” says Mariusz Czerwiak, Head of Commercial Space Lease in JLL, a company which is the sole agent responsible for the lease of office and commercial space in The Warsaw HUB.

Biedronka has joined the continuously growing group of The Warsaw HUB tenants. So far companies and brands such as InterContinental Hotels Group, Standard Chartered or Zdrofit have announced opening their offices, hotels or branches in the building. Agreements or letters of intent have already been signed for 1/3 of the space in The Warsaw HUB.

Biedronka is the biggest retail chain in Poland with more than 2820 stores in over 1000 locations. Its owner, Jeronimo Martins Polska S.A., is the second largest Polish company, with more than 65,000 employees. Throughout its 23 years’ presence on the Polish market, Jeronimo Martins has invested more than PLN 12 billion.

About The Warsaw HUB

The Warsaw HUB is a modern and multifunctional complex of three skyscrapers, which is being built in the fastest developing part of Warsaw, i.e. at Rondo Daszyńskiego in Wola district. It will consist of three skyscrapers: the 86-metre hotel building and two 130-metre office towers, which will be joined by a five-storey foundation.

The Warsaw HUB is currently Ghelamco Poland’s most innovative project, which will go far beyond the traditional concept of an office complex. The project is built upon the concept of a “hub”, i.e. a major functional and transportation centre. The complex will combine all functions which are necessary for the modern business to operate. The 113,000 sq m of space will offer state-of-the-art office premises, a conference centre, hotels, a convenience centre, a fitness centre, coworking space, and The Heart Warsaw centre of cooperation between corporations and start-ups.  

The project will provide its future tenants with numerous sophisticated solutions including access to and navigation around the building using a smartphone, a car recognition system in the underground car park, and a charging station for electric cars.


Ghelamco Poland is the leader of the commercial property market in Poland and a pioneer in sustainable construction, public space design, smart buildings and innovations. Over the past 27 years the company has built its leading position as an investor, developer and general contractor by delivering over 1,100,000 sq m of best-in-class office, residential, commercial, and warehouse space. The company’s flagship investment is the Warsaw Spire with Plac Europejski (European Square), awarded a title of the best office building in the world in a prestigious competition MIPIM Awards 2017.

As a visionary in the industry, for years Ghelamco has continued to implement pioneering concepts of innovative, technologically advanced buildings which set new trends on the property market in Poland. It is the Belgian company which discovered the potential of the Mokotów district, introduced the concept of a business park in Poland, and, as the first company in the industry, certified office buildings in the prestigious BREEAM system. Also, Ghelamco, as the first developer in Poland, discovered the potential of the Wola district, a location in which the capital’s new business hub is being built.

Ghelamco is also the only developer in Poland with a broader perspective on sustainable construction and actively contributes to shaping the urban space. The company implements projects aimed at revitalizing entire districts by creating valuable city space, such as Plac Europejski. In order to further support city-forming activities, Ghelamco established Fundacja Sztuka w Mieście (Art in the City Foundation), whose goal is to improve the quality of public urban space through artistic and ambient activities for local communities. Ghelamco has won a lot of distinctions, including seventeen “Developer of the Year” awards in Poland.

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