Interview with Tomasz Kaniewski, Hal Sp. z o.o.

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Interview with Tomasz Kaniewski, Management Representative for Quality Management System, Hal Sp. z o.o.
For 10 years, the Hal company has been offering private label products. How has this market segment been changing over the years, and what were the changes in the offer and the products themselves?

Over the recent years, the private label market has changed quite considerably. Firstly, it has expanded with regard to product categories. Some private label products had not been the focus of the customers’ interest before. Secondly, the products themselves have changed over time, due to the increase in requirements and changes in the expectations of private label distributors. Additionally, the private label product consumers have started to see the products differently, their expectations concerning the appearance, functionality, and also price, have grown. As Hal, we started private label production with the Kolorado WC Fresh single-phase toilet rim block, currently, the hit of our private label production is the designer Roll Aroma toilet rim block – a triple-phase block containing active oxygen.

What is the extent of export activities at Hal and does the company intend to expand this in the nearest future?

Currently, Hal is present on more than twenty export markets, both in the EU and in Eastern European countries. Our customers are both distributors or large trade chains and owners of recognized brands in assorted countries. In the nearest future, the company intends to acquire new markets, not only in Europe but in the Middle East as well.

Please tell us about the major awards and distinctions you have received.

Hal, currently celebrating 25 years of operation, has been winning the ”Gazelles of Business” for several years. Companies distinguished with this title are among the most dynamically developing small and medium businesses in Poland. In order to receive the award, one has to demonstrate a year-to-year increase in trade. Another award worth mentioning are the FMCG Hits. This is a competition for retailers and wholesalers who appreciate the best-selling products in different categories. The Kolorado brand products have been gaining the recognition of sellers for several years; last year, the distinguished product was the Kolorado Roll Aroma toilet rim block.

How can a Polish private label compete on foreign markets?

The times when we would compete through price alone are long gone. Polish companies still have attractive prices, but additionally, the advantages of cooperation with Polish companies include production flexibility and, above all, product quality and development. Quality here is understood as the fulfillment of different customer requirements, use of proven ingredients and production compliant with strict quality standards. Hal has a certified quality system in place, based on the BRC Consumer Products standard. What also makes Polish suppliers stand out is good, modern design and professional consulting in the production of private label products.

Which products of Hal’s portfolio are particularly popular outside Poland?

Currently, the most popular products are toilet rim blocks, both single-phase and triple-phase; last year, it was predominantly Kolorado Roll Aroma. We hope our new, designer Kolorado Aromella air freshener will become as popular. The product answers the needs of consumers looking for a natural fragrance to fill their home, packed in an attractive, designer form. It is a modern air freshener for everyday use. It provides an opportunity to choose fresh and natural scents that will fill a bathroom, a living room or any other room.

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