Interview with Joanna Gąsiorowska, Rarytas Sp. z o.o.

Thursday, 01 June, 2017 Food From Poland 28/2017
Interview with Joanna Gąsiorowska, President of the Management Board, Rarytas Sp. z o.o.
Certified quality – that is crackers, sandwich cookies and biscuits created with passion. Which of the offered products sell best and what are your development plans for the upcoming months?

The sales of our products are shaped very differently, depending on the preferences and tastes of our customers from different continents, countries, or even regions within a country.

For instance, taste preferences of the inhabitants in southern Poland are different than those of Poles from the north.

The former prefer our sesame crackers, the latter definitely choose the savoury ones. To sum up, the best-selling products are the mentioned 100 g and 200 g sesame crackers, as well as savoury crackers of the same weight. On the other hand, our Classic and Pikantne (Savoury) crackers in 100 g packages have settled excellently on the European market, while two other products from this series, Bekon (Bacon) and Cebula (Onion), are trying to catch up with them. An attractive package, convenient for serving “straight to the table” in a plastic tray and, of course, the taste are advantages that spark an increasing interest in these products in our partners at home and abroad. However, our greatest export “hit” seems to be the JOY crackers in a 200 g box. Due to its unique taste and the aesthetics of the packaging, purchase orders for possibilities to sell this products had already been reaching us at the stage of market research.

How does the private label development look like today and what export potential does it have?

Rarytas Sp. z o.o. cooperates with virtually all leading trade chains on the market, this is our great success.

I might not be very revelatory by saying that changes in development strategies for private labels, offered by trade chains, may prove beneficial to us, and surely to individual customers. We, as manufacturers, can already notice an increased “pressure” from private label owners for the quality of the manufactured products, as well as improvement in package quality of such products. The misconception that such goods are “inferior”, still present among the consumers, is to be changed. Such products are increasingly better exposed in shops, have a more attractive package, both their appearance and quality of production match the Premium class goods or Top Brands. Very often, private label products are promoted in trade chain newsletters or TV commercials, which would still have been unthinkable quite recently. Therefore, I can see much potential in the development of sales of private label products, both at home and abroad.

How important are exports in your activity? What countries do you supply with your products?

Our company, which should actually be true for every company, is built on solid foundations. One of them is export. This is the essential direction of development for every company in our sector. Moreover, due to the hard work of food producers, our products are being perceived increasingly better on external markets. A product from Poland means high quality, this is beginning to be a brand in itself. This also measurably affects the entire economy, since food is the no. 1 export product in our country. Rarytas focuses on exports through the development of the Export Department, and it constantly introduces new products intended for foreign markets. Currently, we are introducing a new, four-taste series “Feria Crackers” in portions of 100 g. These are crackers with Mediterranean tastes, i.e. sea salt and rosemary; herbes de Provence; dried tomatoes and oregano; garlic and pepper. A very important step in our development is the introduction of One.bite products to the German market and beyond, distributed by Lecker Snack GmbH. Thanks to these activities, our products can be found virtually all across Europe and on almost every continent.

Which products are best-selling abroad?

These are the cookies I have already mentioned, the 100 g cracker series: Classic, Bacon, Savoury and Onion. Another important place in sales (especially in trade chains) is occupied by sesame and savoury crackers, salted mix, crackers with caraway, or Mini Pizza. After such a good reception on the market, we strongly count on good the sales of Joy in the 200-gram box, and the “Feria Crackers 100 g” range.

“Zdrowy Rarytas” (For your health), or products made with the best ingredients, without hydrogenated fats or palm oil. What products with the “For your health” logo do you offer and how do sales look like?

Thank you that you have mentioned this quality and health-improving benefits are extremely important parts of our marketing strategy. All our new products already bear the “For Your Health” logo, we enjoy the fact that responsible nutrition awareness is growing amongst our consumers, and consequently, the interest in products with this marking is growing too. Moreover, the most popular, traditional Rarytas products, i.e. sesame, savoury or cheese crackers, are also produced in this new technology now, although the packages do not bear the “Zdrowy Rarytas – For Your Health” mark yet.

I have to announce the start of our investment – construction of a new production floor; when it is finished, all of our cookies will be sold with this logo. And which crackers already bear this mark? For detailed information, please visit our stand F-5663 during the Amsterdam fair, as well as our website:

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