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Saturday, 15 October, 2016 Food From Poland 26/2016
Since the beginning of the company when it mainly offered dessert products, some time has passed. How has the company developed since then? What does your current portfolio look like?

FoodCare’s history began more than three decades ago with the production of desserts under the brand name Gellwe. Thanks to the traditional recipe used, these products have gained a permanent group of loyal consumers, Gellwe has expanded its portfolio of products to include, among others, cake mix, baking additives and condiments as well as other loose products. Thanks to the dynamic development of FoodCare over the years, the company has started its activity in the segment category of energy drinks (BLACK Energy Drink, N-GINE) ISOTONICS (4MOVE), juice (the reactivation of the FRUGO brand). In a short period of time, these brands have achieved a strong position on the market. Frugo drinks, almost a year after returning to the store shelves, trampled the results of the current leader, and at the moment the brand BLACK Energy Drink is the market leader in the energy drinks sector in Poland. In 2007 the company successfully entered the cereals market with the muesli brand Fitella, packed in small disposable packaging. With its innovative concept and interesting strategy developed in just an annual presence on the market, it has become the market leader with regard to the number of packages sold.

BLACK is the leader in the energy industry in Poland. What is its position on foreign markets, is it also so highly valued by foreign consumers? Which other brands have gained a lot of interest outside the country?

Last year, the sales of BLACK in Poland increased by 22%, achieving the largest increase among the leading brands. Proof that we listen carefully to consumers and that we are moving in the right direction, is the reason that Poles most often choose BLACK Energy Drink. BLACK Energy Drink is available in almost 60 countries, and in some of these countries the growth is so dynamic that we are conducting extensive marketing campaigns with Mike Tyson. The numbers point to the fact that this is a growing market and that the BLACK brand is strengthening its position each year on foreign markets. We are constantly looking for new export markets, this autumn we are planning to introduce the brand to the German, Russian and Chinese markets.

The prevailing trend for an active, healthy lifestyle, certainly benefits the energy and isotonic category of drinks and creates good prospects for the future. In connection with this trend the brand 4Move is very popular among consumers outside the country. The strategy for this brand is based on recommendation from the best coaches in the world. Recently, one of the most famous coaches in the world – Jose Mourinho endorsed the 4Move drinks with his image.

Which countries are strategic for the FoodCare Company? Do you plan to expand into new foreign markets?

As mentioned above, BLACK Energy Drink is available in almost 60 countries. Our goal is for the Polish brand to conquer the world. We are growing successfully on all the continents, year by year we expand our distribution.

How important is export for the company and what part of the sales revenue is allocated to it? Is a further increase in exports projected?

Export is very important for the company, that is why our brands are promoted by international celebrities worldwide. Compared to other Polish companies, what distinguishes us is that from the beginning we have been thinking of global sales. Our ambition has always been to create international brands. FoodCare results show that this objective is being effectively implemented and, of course, we make every effort to ensure that our brands are being developed well beyond the country’s borders.

How will further development of the FoodCare company be supported? Innovation, portfolio expansion or perhaps a new strategy? What is the key to success of the FoodCare company?

Our goal for the next 10 years is to create FoodCare into a global concern. We stand out, because from the beginning we have been thinking of global sales. New investments are a step towards higher levels of product quality and an expansion of the company’s product portfolio. We are focusing on developing and investing in the brands and products that we believe are the strongest, like BLACK, Frugo, Gellwe, 4Move or Fitella. The development of both existing and new products increases not only our competitiveness in the market, but above all allows to meet the growing expectations of customers in all the markets with which we operate.

Thank you.

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