Interview with Zdzisław Kunicki, President of the Board, ZMB Białystok

Saturday, 15 October, 2016 Food From Poland 26/2016
Is Polish quality identified with excellent taste?

The excellent taste of Polish food is a result of its high quality, which should be considered its main advantage.

This is due to many years of effort, not only in the meat sector but in the entire food industry. High quality and unique taste are the main goals of the producers who feel responsible for the manufactured products and wishe to be recognizable on the market, they care for the image of the brand.  Good and tasty food cannot be produced without caring for high quality production.

Quality also involves certificates. Please tell us about the most important ones.

Participating in various industry events and fairs, we are appreciated for the quality of our products, especially for Kindziuk and our dry-cured palcówka sausage.

We can boast awards for these products, received at the World Food Expo Warsaw, “Doceń Polskie” Top Produkt certificates granted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Dobry Produkt certificate granted by a jury made up of representatives of the publishers: “Rynek Spożywczy”,, as well as the Polish Organization of Commerce and Distribution. We also hold the IFS (International Food Standard) food safety management system certificate.

What are Polish consumers like, what do they expect and what is the difference between them and Western consumers?

Polish consumers know what they want and they are becoming increasingly demanding. Their decisions on the purchase of a product are not exclusively based on price. More and more consumers pay attention to taste, high quality and safety. One can notice much more often that consumers are concerned about what they buy, where it comes from and what it is made of. The difference between a Polish consumer and a Western one is therefore not as perceptible as it used to be. Both consumer groups rely on quality and safety of the purchased food. This is why a producer cannot rest on laurels and has to meet the requirements set by consumers. Consumers await novelties that will satisfy their tastes, and this is true for Polish and Western consumers alike.

The interest in regional products fuels constant development in this market segment.

Yes, this is true. Consumers are becoming much more aware when making purchasing decisions; firstly, this results from their increased knowledge, their decisions are also impacted by market trends – such as naturalness and a healthy lifestyle being fashionable. They also choose the highest quality natural food products made of natural raw materials and which are not highly processed. They pay increasingly more attention to the regional origin of the purchased products because these products predominantly meet their quality requirements; additionally, consumers associate a regional product e.g. with the place where they live or have lived, or have other positive associations with a given place.

Białostocki Kindziuk is your flagship product.

This is true. Since the establishment of the company, we have been relying on the quality and recognizability of the ZMB brands. Kindziuk is one of the products, belonging to the premium category of long-cured sausages. The key to our success is the preparation of Kindziuk from selected pork ham muscles, with an addition of garlic and spices. The original, traditional recipe and smoking with alder wood give a unique aroma and taste to Kindziuk. Thanks to this, more people are becoming interested in our Kindziuk.

What are the company’s plans for the following months or years?

Of course, ZMB Białystok in its long-term plans, just as any other company, intends to systematically increase income, optimize the production processes and be appreciated by consumers for our products. Our short-tem plans involve changing the location of the current production plant.

Thank you.

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