Interview with Marek Bryl, Head of Export at Magnolia

Saturday, 15 October, 2016 Food From Poland 26/2016
Years of experience has allowed you to create a wide range of products. Please tell us about your company portfolio?

The company Magnolia has been present on the market for 36 years and through the older generation of Poles is known for such iconic products as Mulatek wafer , rolled Delezja and the Lubuskie block. Currently, we are not just known on the Polish market as a producer of wafers sandwiched with cream but also as a member of a group of plants owned by Joerg Stenger. The group consists of four production plants, where cooperation has enhanced the portfolio of Magnolia’s assortment of wafers to ice-creams and gluten-free wafers. Magnolia specializes in the manufacture of wafers with cream and in this respect we are constantly researching on new products, which enables the introduction of novelties to markets, both Polish and foreign. The flagship products are wafers layered with cream weighing from 100 g to as much as 3 kg, packed in both single units and in bulk, popular not only in Poland but also abroad. Of course, I cannot omit dry wafers, perfect for paper thin wafers, and as a healthy replacement for chips. The entire range of impulse products weighing from 20 to 50 grams should also be remembered.

Which products are the most popular and which new products have you recently put on offer.

Every market has its specifications – some products are popular in the Czech Republic and others, with a different flavour, in Germany. Therefore, the best solution is plain cream layered wafers. It cannot even be coated in chocolate, because this also depends on the recipient country, however cream wafers are invariable.

One of our newest products is the round, crunchy, chocolate coated wafer, Rondelini. As well as „Koffinki” a coffee flavoured wafer, which we introduced as one of the first novelties to our portfolio. Apart from these there are several products which are innovative to the market, but are produced under our clients’ own brand, for example, wholemeal wafers, sugar free wafers, wafers high in protein or wafers free from palm oil.

What percentage of your products reach the foreign markets and which products are available to consumers abroad?

As is the case of many Polish production companies, export is one of the most important development paths for us. This does not mean that we neglect the Polish market, but we are constantly working on developing export sales. Currently, exports account for about 40% of total production.

All the products available on the Polish market, can also be found abroad, under the brand name Magnolia and under our clients’ brand as well.

Do you intend to enter new markets? Please tell us about the export development of your products.

We are constantly working on the development of export sales, working on new products offered to our partners and participating in overseas trade fairs. Because flexibility plays a key role in obtaining new markets, we are in dialogue with our partners, which results in a product tailor-made to the specific needs of the consumer markets. Thanks to this we are present throughout Europe, the USA, Australia, Africa and the Middle East.

What is the secret to producing high-quality products and simultaneously respond to the needs of customers? Modern technology or perhaps a secret ingredient?

Of course, the key to success is a secret ingredient, the recipe is closely guarded, so we cannot write about it, because it is a secret.

On a serious note, food production is a complicated process. It is important to work together with partners on the composition of the products, use high quality raw materials from reliable suppliers, and last but not least, entrust the difficult task of production to an experienced crew.

Many people assume that quality does not go hand in hand with affordable price. This is a common misconception, which can be confirmed by growing consumer confidence in the own brands of networks such as Tesco, Lidl and Biedronka and the growing share of private labels on the food market. Quality at an affordable price is one of the principles we follow. The high quality of our products are confirmed by the IFS, BRC, RSPO certificates as well as the trust given to us by the largest retail chains. We are constantly striving to improve our processes and are looking for ways to increase efficiency. I think that our current position on the market reflects all of the above features.

Thank you.

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