Glovo predicts the trends for 2023

Friday, 10 February, 2023 Food From Poland 40/2023
Based on 2022 data, Glovo predicts that the key trends in the delivery sector over the upcoming 12 months will be vegetarian dishes, food shopping, as well as new categories on the Polish market, such as: flowers, books, stationery, beauty products, or products for pets.
  • Poland, beside Spain and Italy, found itself among the countries with the highest number of vegetarian dish orders
  • Although Middle Eastern cuisine is the most popular at Glovo, sushi and Polish cuisine are enjoying increasing attention.
  • Apart from Romania and Spain, Poland found itself among the top 3 countries by number of food orders. Globally, the most frequently ordered products are bottled water, beer, and bananas.
  • Next year will see the growing trend going beyond restaurants – this year, the number of flower orders has grown by more than 300%
  • The 3 most interesting orders in 2022: a watch with a hidden miniature camera, 100 whipped cream chargers, as well as a 400 mm diamond wheel and a diamond hole saw.

Poland will get more and more vegetarian

As late as 2014, only 1% of the Poles declared their adherence to vegetarianism (according to CBOS). In 2019, this percentage was already close to 8%. Today, 44% of surveyed Poles aged 15–29 declared a reduction of the amount of consumed meat (report by the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Warsaw as well as the “Meat Atlas” of the Institute for Sustainable Development Foundation of 2022). Thus, the young generation is developing a clear vegetarian future. This is additionally confirmed by the Glovo data. Apart from Spain and Italy, Poland found itself among the countries with the highest number of vegetarian dish orders. Moreover, the entire category of such dishes has grown by 57% year-on-year.

The classic meat dish alternatives with popularity growing most quickly include the vegetarian or vegan version of ramen. In 2022, Glovo delivered the highest number of vegetarian dishes in Warsaw. In many international rankings, the capital of Poland occupies high positions in terms of popularity of vegetarianism. At the same time, Białystok recorded the fastest growth, by more than 300%, in the number of vegetarian option orders. Therefore, in the future, we can expect other cities to try to catch up with Warsaw in this regard. Additionally, it is worth remarking that tradition and religion still have a serious effect on the popularity of vegetarianism in Poland – Friday, on which many people choose to fast for traditional reasons, is the day with the highest number of meatless dish orders.

Growth leaders among dishes: Middle Eastern cuisine, sushi, and Polish cuisine

In 2022, Middle Eastern cuisine recorded a substantial increase in popularity, achieving a growth in the number of orders by well above 100%. Although pizzas, burgers and kebabs are still the most often ordered foods in Poland, noteworthy are two segments, very quickly gaining on popularity: sushi and Polish cuisine. Sushi is becoming extremely popular in Szczecin; the inhabitants of this city have ordered 357% more of it year-on-year (2021-2022). Definitely, the most popular sushi type is nigiri with tuna, and Sunday is the day with the highest number of orders.

In the case of the Polish cuisine, the undisputed leader in the country is, of course, the traditional pork chop. It turns out that the popularity of Polish dishes differs between cities. Although Warsaw is true to tradition, Łódź most often orders chicken broth with noodles, and Cracow chooses pierogi with potatoes, cottage cheese and pepper. However, the title of the “greatest enthusiasts of Polish cuisine” was well-earned by people from Rybnik, recording a growth in orders of Polish dishes by more than 500%.

Food shopping deliveries are getting more popular

Poland, beside Romania and Spain, found itself in the top 3 countries by number of food orders. Globally, the 3 products most frequently ordered from supermarkets were bottled water, beer, and bananas. Analyses show that further growth in the popularity of food shopping with delivery on the same day should be expected – customers appreciate convenience, quickness and time saving. 

 In Poland, noteworthy is the growing popularity of Glovo partners offering alcohol products. In 2022, such brands as Duży Ben, Świat Alkoholi 24, Roberto & Franc, Wermut, Nowy Browar Gdański, Smaki Azerbejdżanu, or PiwoWar made their offer available on Glovo. In 2023, we can expect further growth in the popularity of Q-Commerce, or express home deliveries. In this area, Glovo cooperates with Biedronka as a part of the BIEK service, or delivery of food shopping within 20 minutes.

We order more and more non-food products

In 2023, we can anticipate that more and more people will expect an option to order such products as books, flowers, or electronics. Globally, the number of orders placed via Glovo at stores outside the food category in 2022 grew by 120% in relation to 2021. The most popular categories by number of orders were books, pet products, beauty products, souvenirs, and flowers.

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