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#FreeHongKong protests during HKTDC Food Expo

Friday, 08 November, 2019 Food From Poland 36/2019
12th of August 2019 – the Hong Kong International Airport cancels flights over fourth consecutive day of silent protests at the spot. It is only 3 more days left since the HKTDC Food Expo begins. The next day HK police forces protesters to leave the airport using batons and pepper spray. Encounters result in the second day of flights disruption. Only after, airport obtains injunction against protesters on the third day – flights are being resumed.
Finally, 15th of August – HKTDC Food Expo begins – it is located in the center of the city. Polish national pavilion as always looks great! Eighteen Polish producers exhibit their finest products (i.e. Gobarto, Maspex, Ewa-Bis, Brześć, Bakoma, Bakalland) and two Polish organizations support foreign promotion (The National Support Centre for Agriculture and Tasteful Europe – tradition and quality). Guests from around the world can visit 5 levels of exhibition space classified in 16 major categories such as Health, Green & Organic Food or Rice, Noodle & Pasta.

The city looks calm, thick clouds cover most of the surrounding hills. As the 18th of August approaches (penultimate day of the Food Expo) Hong Kong becomes a ghost city on some areas. It is due to the fact that other are just overcrowded. This is the day of a massive rally in Victoria Park which resulted in blocking whole Queensway, Hennessy Road, parts of Gloucester Road and Kings Road – main lines of communication in the city. According to Civil Human Rights Front 1.7 million protesters attended the rally.

All things considered, protests did not influence the event that much. As far as I noticed, trade guests had no difficulties reaching the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, therefore establishing new business contacts. Hope things will turn out okay for Hongkongers.

Paweł Pańczyk
foto: Klaudia Pańczyk

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