A Year of Records and Successes for Mlekovita

Wednesday, 25 April, 2018 Food From Poland 31/2018
On 21 March 2018, the General Meeting of Representatives of Members of the MLEKOVITA Dairy Cooperative was held, at which the President of the Management Board – Dariusz Sapiński – presented the report on the company’s operations along with the results from 2017.
“I am very pleased with last year’s summary because it shows that 2017 was another year in which MLEKOVITA could boast of being in good shape,” says Dariusz Sapiński, President of the Management Board of the MLEKOVITA Group.  “We have succeeded in achieving a permanent  development of the company and an increase in the value of the MLEKOVITA brand, which is currently the most valuable brand in the production sector of the Polish economy, and the most expensive brand in the category of ‘Food products.’ We have introduced new products and many of the products introduced last year, since their market launch, have gained the recognition of consumers and won prizes at national and international trade fairs and competitions. We have completed further important investments, expanding and modernising the internal infrastructure – including the milk powder plant, a key investment and the largest implemented investment in the history of the company so far; as a result of which MLEKOVITA will not only be the largest producer of milk powders in Poland, but also in Central and Eastern Europe.

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