About the Polish healthy food, Polish herbs, teas and other excellent Herbapol products we talk with Evangelos Evangelou, President of the Board, “Herbapol – Lublin” S.A.

Tuesday, 24 April, 2018 Food From Poland 31/2018
Herbapol company has 70years of tradition and grounded position on polish market. How important is export of the company?

We export our products to many countries around the world. Of course, the majority are exported to countries where Polish communities live, but year after year we have noticed a growing interest in them also in markets which, until recently, were considered rather exotic. Herbapol-Lublin products can be bought for example in Iceland, Japan or even Taiwan.

Export means not only business for the company, but also the promotion of Polish brands and our wonderful products abroad. Polish herbs with their unique quality parameters are a perfect example. At the same time, we should remember that by promoting Polish brands that offer natural products, we also promote the whole Polish healthy food sector.

Which markets are the most perspective for Herbapol?

Our future directions are China and the Gulf countries.  Last year, we took part in the International Import Food Expo in Guangzhou; this year, we are planning to exhibit at the SIAL trade fair in Shanghai. Entering these markets is very difficult for formal and investment-related reasons, but we have managed to start cooperation with several entities there and, in this respect, we are developing very dynamically.

In February this year, during the Gulf Food Show in Dubai, we held a series of meetings with contractors from Gulf countries. Since last year, our products have been available in Iran, where we are witnessing a huge increase in interest in our functional teas. Natural Ice Tea and the energising drink Green-Up are also extremely popular.

Which of Your products are the most popular abroad?

Among Herbapol products, fruit teas and syrups continue to be the most popular abroad. For the last two years, we have also introduced functional teas to new markets, where they are becoming increasingly popular with local consumers. These products support the proper functioning of the body, which is in line with global healthy lifestyle trends.

Herbapol leads the functional and fruit tea segment. What other segments do you plan to conquer?

We are committed to maintaining our leading position in the functional and fruit tea segment; products from the Polish Herbarium The Essence of Health and Natural Ice Tea ranges are also gaining recognition.

Has global trend of healthy lifestyle and organic food positive influence on interest in Herbapol products?

Global healthy lifestyle trends and organic food definitely contribute to the interest in the Herbapol brand, which for 70 years has drawn inspiration from nature and is now winning the hearts of customers with the highest quality products. Ingredients from local suppliers, recipes without unnecessary additives or ‘enhancers’ as well as the highest quality at every stage of production are elements that perfectly meet the current needs of increasingly conscious consumers.

How about the plans of developing Big-Active brand?

The Big-Active brand is constantly growing. In the future, we want it to be available not only in Poland, but also abroad. With its rich and diverse portfolio and high-quality products, it will surely be successful there.

Herbapol is the conqueror of many awards for their products, among others The Gold Receipt 2017 for syrup Raspberry from the Fruity Pantry line. Which distinctions are the most important for You? 

All the awards that our brand has won are equally important to us. They confirm that the direction to draw inspiration from nature, which we took 70 years ago, is still relevant. We are delighted that consumers are becoming increasingly aware and pay attention to the high quality of products. We are proud that we meet their needs and offer products of the highest quality.

What should we expect in the nearest time? Will next products and news raise products of abroad recipients?

We are constantly working to develop our portfolio to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. Further novelties will surely be introduced not only to the Polish market, but also for export. We are certain that high quality ingredients will conquer the hearts of consumers, as they have done so far.

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