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Thursday, 05 October, 2017 Food From Poland 29/2017
Two years since the previous ANUGA edition have passed quickly. We, as the organizer, do not need to advertise this event anymore. For many years, it “sells itself”, which means one thing: as early as the previous edition, exhibitors were already reserving the exhibition space they had been occupying, and they will do so at this edition of the fair as well.

We have been the fair’s organizer for 27 years. We are a family enterprise. The company was established by my father Tadeusz Michalak. I hope it will be continued by my son Wojciech who has already been working with us for several years. There are few companies like this in Poland, that would combine trade fair organization with the construction of stands and comprehensive service for exhibitors. Our exhibitors are offered a full package of services, from space rental to construction of stands and all auxiliary services, such as interpreters, hostesses, assistance in organization of hotels and flights.

We also offer comprehensive advertising in fair catalogues as well as industry publications in a given country. The correct targeting of the needs of our exhibitors, the concern for their comfort, as well as responsibility for trade success of the participants of the events we organize, are the core values of our company.

Currently, the world of trade fairs has no limits for us. We hold fairs in all continents. Over the 27 years of our operations, the fairs we have organized have been attended by several thousand exhibitors occupying a space of tens of thousands square meters.

Our activities and the efforts of the entire team in everyday work are appreciated by individuals, companies and organizations with which we cooperate. We hold many diplomas and awards granted by our exhibitors and foreign partners. We are a member of the Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry from the moment of its establishment. We hold the title of Leader of Trade Fair Services, recommendation of the Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry, and the ISO 9001 certificate.

We are very happy with the words of goodwill and recognition as well as declarations of further cooperation. We respect our exhibitors, meet their requirements concerning the appearance of their stands, and we organize many matters connected with an exhibitor’s presence at a fair. We have a flexible approach to all matters delegated by the exhibitor. The exhibitor can select only those issues he specifically wishes to have handled by us.

I feel that the question about the new directions in the exhibition industry is about to be asked. This year, we have opened fairs in Vietnam and Mumbai, as well as in Malmö. It is often exhibitors themselves who direct us for choice of new parts of the world, and consequently, of new fairs, often of a very specialist nature, with a narrow scope of subjects.

If you remember, when the computer age arrived, it was said that fairs will lose their importance and prestige. But this has been proven untrue. Fairs provide various benefits. Firstly, it is a personal survey of the market; secondly, research of new technological and construction solutions; and most importantly, becoming acquainted with the competitors’ products and conditions of placing a commodity on the market. Trade fairs are and will remain one of the most important forms of promotion – the most effective one – no matter where they are held. Therefore, we seek to acquire new, interesting markets for our exhibitors and help them obtain grants from the EU resources.

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