We talk with Ergin Acar – Founder of Damak Kebab.

Thursday, 05 October, 2017 Food From Poland 29/2017
Please tell us about Your products offer including sales hits and new products.

In our plant, we produce chicken, beef, turkey and sheep kebabs. We offer three types chicken kebab for our clients: whole chicken kebab, filet+leg chicken kebab and 100% chicken leg kebab. Additionally, we produce veal-turkey kebab and chicken-turkey kebab for clients from several countries in Europe. Besides kebabs, we proudly produce and export chicken and beef hamburgers.

When the topic comes to the hit sales, we offer sliced and grilled kebabs. They are packed in small bags as chicken or beef kebabs, and exported to all the Europe.

You guide priceless trainings for Your clients. How does it work? And what about the impact?

When our clients ask for training, we kindly visit them with our professional team and do our best to help immediately. It is totally free of charge. Thanks to our sales department, we show our client the best way of how and what to do for selling our products to more clients in their areas. We check their potential markets and tell them what to do. Moreover, we often visit our clients to talk about our strategies, products, new sauces or any problems that we have solved for them. Also, they have possibility to know more about our kebabs which they are going to sell. It is very important for us to visit them and hear all the feedback about our company and products.

Please tell us about Your production plant and the process and quality of products.

Every day we get fresh raw materials to start production. Our special team is deboning all the materials daily, and making special sauces which we have been successfully working on for years then starting to build the best kebabs ever for our clients. Quality control team checks all the blended sauces and then send the products to the kebab builders. After all, we are taking all the kebabs into separated pallets and leaving in freezer with minus 30. We have quality expert team who control all the steps we have from the beginning of the production line. When we control all the line, it is ready to send products to all over the Europe.

Trade shows are very important business platform in which You actively participate. What are the benefits of that?

As Damak Kebab, we have been participating many trade shows in several countries since we have started exporting our goods from Poland. We believe that trade shows give a lot power to the companies. We host our current clients, potential clients and raw material suppliers on our stands where we represent our company. They see how we are serious on our business and our cooperation is growing with them thanks to trade shows we participate. That’s why especially to the trade shows which are very important for European countries, we do our best to participate with all the professional team we have. Sure, Anuga is one of them.

What are the directions of company development on international area?

We are growing up as fast as possible in the international market. Currently, we are working on the construction for our new factory and planning to move there by 2018. As today, we export to almost all the European countries from Poland. In near future, we will be exporting to other continents as well, to represent our country and company.

Thank you
Monika Kociubińska

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