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Poland tastes good!

Tuesday, 24 February, 2015
Some time ago basic products were the only type of products sent overseas by Polish manufacturers, mainly cereal and fruits. Today everything looks different.
Products from Poland, synonymous with quality and taste, enjoy an ever growing interest on global markets. More and more diverse products are exported and Polish producers can count on the promotional support of some state institutions.

In order to help Polish companies in promoting products and establishing new business contacts the Agricultural Market Agency invited food industry entrepreneurs to participate in the PLMA AMSTERDAM 2014 trade fair and exhibition.

Effective action

Trade fair events are the venue for favourable trade talks and establishing many new contacts. This year, at PLMA Amsterdam, the promotion of Polish companies is carried out under a common logo on the national stand, organized by the Agricultural Market Agency (stand no. 8804). “As a company active in the private label sector, participation in PLMA Amsterdam is important to us because of its prestige. This is the most important private label event and by participating in it we have the opportunity to present our company and establish new export contacts” - says Beata Samsel, the Director of Export and Import for MELVIT. Participation in such events is a great opportunity for companies. As a result, they are able to mark their presence in the markets which already exist. "For us, international trade fairs are particularly important because Pekpol is present with its products in several countries, including the markets closest to us: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, but we also send our products to Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and England. Such events as PLMA in Amsterdam give us the opportunity to promote products from our offer as well as new products, establish new business contacts, exchange experience and learn about current trends. It's also a chance to gather some information about the competition. It simply pays off to participate in trade fairs and exhibitions. It is worthwhile being where one can meet procurement specialists, marketing directors of hypermarkets, discount stores, wholesalers"- says Joanna Lach, Export Manager at Pekpol. Through the cooperation with the Agency for Agricultural Market, companies that had never before participated in any event, now have the opportunity to show themselves to potential business partners.

Polish tradition and quality

Polish products combine not only tradition, but also modernity. Their production is based on traditional ingredients and processing methods in state-of-the-art processing plants. The key to success are products of the highest quality and vast experience in the industry in which the Polish producers operate. For example, ACTIV was founded in 1996. It is a family business focused on horticulture. The company specializes in the supply of domestic and foreign fruit, mainly apples. In 2011, its activities expanded to include manufacturing of the ROYAL APPLE natural turbid juice. "It's a juice which isn’t made from concentrate, but is pressed from carefully selected, nutritious apples with some addition of other fruits or vegetables. Our juices do not contain any additives, are sugar free, water free or preservative free. With the advanced technology of production they maintain the highest taste and health values. They enjoy a good reputation among consumers - one taste is enough to become a loyal customer. For generations, we have been involved in fruit growing and we know about fruit a great deal, making that knowledge useful in manufacturing our juices”- says Waldemar Żółcik, the CEO of ACTIV. Polish companies no longer compete with price only to attract business partners - the quality of Polish products is appreciated overseas. “For 40 years we have been involved in the meat industry. We are growing dynamically, we have modern machinery with a large production capacity, we also expand, cyclically, our product range with innovations that meet the needs of today's consumers. Our potential business partner will certainly expect products at attractive prices but also of good quality. We are a manufacturer with potential, that can be trusted, as evidenced by our success in terms of exports and the certificates and awards we have obtained, necessary for export"- adds Joanna Lach, Export Manager at Pekpol. On the other hand, CSI SŁOWIANKA is IFS certified for its entire production. "Daily work in accordance with the certificate guarantees our customers the high safety of our products. Large emphasis is placed on obtaining reproducible high quality products using exclusive raw materials of natural origin"- says Sławomir Pawłowski, the CEO of CSI SŁOWIANKA.

Polish Way for Gaining Competitive Advantage

The interest in private label products is gradually increasing among clients from many countries. Innovation and modernity are the key strengths of Polish companies that enable them to compete with the largest players in Europe. “Confectionery is a highly competitive industry. In addition to large companies there are countless small and medium-sized enterprises on the market. In seeking competitive advantages, an important element in marketing activities is to find ones own distinct advantages that distinguish the company’s products and attitude towards the market. These are the very differences that enable us to compete effectively on overseas markets with private label providers from Poland and other countries"- says Sławomir Pawłowski the President of the Management Board at CSI SŁOWIANKA. Pekpol Meat Processing Plant exports private label products to as many as three foreign partners: Latvia, Slovakia and Germany. “The meat industry features some considerable competition, also in terms of attracting private label contracts. Our company mainly competes with a wide assortment as well as the quality and repeatability of products "- says Joanna Lach, Export Manager at Pekpol. According to the President of the Management Board at "Mościbrody" Meat Plant - "Our strength is the long-standing experience on overseas markets and the flexibility of our business - while maintaining high quality." Polish companies seek competitive advantages not only in good cooperation with customers and meeting their needs, but also in the development of production potential. Currently, MELVIT is in the final stage of commissioning a new facility. “This new facility will quickly turn our company into one of the most technologically advanced manufacturers in Europe for dry goods, such as cereals and groats" - adds Beata Samsel, the Director of Export and Import at MELVIT.

The Polish potential

What business partners expect from Polish manufacturers is a stable cooperation with market established organizations. One need not look far. For Pekpol it is already 40 years of experience, CSI Słowianka celebrates this year its 60th anniversary. However, Polish companies are not only about experience, they are also about knowledge that allows meeting the needs of their customers. "Continuous efforts towards the best possible quality and technological advancement of products and packaging ensures high level of safety to our customers and enables the increasing attractiveness of private label products, attracting even more consumers," - says Sławomir Pawłowski, President of the Management Board at CSI SŁOWIANKA. High quality products, large production capacity, modern design and professional team are the advantages demonstrated by Polish manufacturers to customers on global markets.

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