Polish FMCG market

  • Polish exporters have many reasons to be proud. In 2018, they broke another record by achieving the highest revenues in history from Polish agri-food exports. The export value amounted to EUR 29.7 billion: 7% higher than in 2017 and almost six times higher than in the year of Poland’s accession to the EU (2004). Trade figures from the first half of 2019 are also optimistic and forecast a new... Read more »

  • Africa – the promise land?

    Czwartek, 14 listopada 2019

    Polish companies are very slow in getting convinced to invest in Africa – even though it offers absorptive markets and a young cadre. What can make investors more willing to take some determined actions? We asked that question to Robert Zduńczyk, the founder and the CEO of Poland-East Africa Economic Foundation. Read more »

  • food exports in the first quarter of 2019

    Wtorek, 05 listopada 2019

    The first quarter of 2019 recorded a continued upward trend in the growth of Polish food exports[1]. According to preliminary data, the value of food exports reached EUR 4.023 billion, of which nearly a third of all goods was sold to Germany and the UK. Read more »

  • Mintel predicts that modern takes on sustainability, health and wellness, and convenience will be reshaping the food and drink industry throughout 2019 and beyond. Read more »

  • From stability to modernity

    Wtorek, 05 listopada 2019

    With the persistent economic boom and growing retail sales, not only has the Polish FMCG product trade market stabilized but extensive modernization efforts in Polish trade have been undertaken. Read more »

  • The three seas idea has as many followers, as critics. It is understandable since the new economic alliance would influence the market of the region. But like every good idea, it also has some disadvantages... Read more »

  • Stores will be able to deliver products in under 24 hours. The remote object identification technology will make it possible. Read more »

  • Beef producers in trouble

    Wtorek, 05 listopada 2019

    Beef consumption in the European market is dropping. The situation is difficult for producers. Live cattle prices are lower by an average of 15% in comparison with the previous year. This is primarily due to the drop in beef consumption on the European market being the destination of 80% of the domestic exports. Read more »

  • Bee’s colonization

    Wtorek, 05 listopada 2019

    Bees are very useful and smart creatures – they pollinate plants and make delicious honey. No wonder its number, as well as amateur beekeepers in Poland, is growing. Honey consumption is on the rise as well Read more »

  • It would seem that the trends persistent on the European market, such as emphasis on healthy nutrition or care of a slim figure, are not favourable to the sales and promotion of confectionery and salty snacks. Yet it is hard to imagine consumers showing complete lack of interest in such goods, especially during the carnival, when crisps, salty sticks and cookies become an indispensable feature... Read more »

  • Polish people eat ice cream by the ton

    Wtorek, 05 listopada 2019

    The sales of ice cream are on the rise. Polish people do not only reach for it as a refreshment but also to make themselves feel better. Although more and more original tastes appear on the market, we remain faithful to the traditional ones – cream, chocolate and fruit. We are most likely to reach for scooped ice cream or large family packages, but the sales of ice pops rise on hot days. We... Read more »

  • Opting for ready meals

    Wtorek, 05 listopada 2019

    They are chosen by 85% of consumers, and the market is worth more than PLN 1 billion. The accelerating pace of life translates into quick development of the ready meal market. Read more »

  • Countless faces of beer

    Wtorek, 05 listopada 2019

    The beer industry in Poland is undergoing a revolution. Consumer preferences have changed radically, beer is so much more than just a regular lager. Pilsner, Porter, Stout, with the addition of fruits, honey, herbs... Opportunities are countless, so market keeps growing. We asked specialists what about the biggest changes. Read more »

  • Koral celebrates its 40th anniversary

    Wtorek, 30 kwietnia 2019

    The beginnings of the Koral brand were a time of back-breaking work, virtually around the clock, 7 days a week. This has paid off! This year, 40 years will pass since the establishment of the company. Read more »

  • “Herbapol-Lublin” S.A., one of the largest tea manufacturers in Poland and the leader of the fruit syrup segment, is introducing a line of ecological products to the market. The new goods hold a certificate issued by the Ekogwarancja PTRE sp. z o.o. certifying body. The distinctive “green leaf” confirming the high quality of goods that meet the requirements of ecological production... Read more »

  • The “Społem” Productive Labour Cooperative announces that from 11 March 2019, it has withdrawn eggs from caged hens, as well as all components and ingredients derived from this egg category, in the production of the Majonez Kielecki Lekki light mayonnaise. Information in this regard has also been placed on the new label of this product. This is another step towards the introduction of new... Read more »

  • The first stage of the Absolut Creative Competition has ended. We know the name of the happy winner who has an opportunity now to compete for the title 'global winner' of the creative brand cooperation competition. Out of as many as 7,500 participants, one person will eventually be selected to receive a money reward of EUR 20,000 as well as have an advertisement of their project placed at a... Read more »

  • The Certifying Commission of the Solidarity labour union has honoured Südzucker Polska S.A. with the “Employee-Friendly Employer” certificate. The company has been appreciated for many years of good practice in the area of observance of labour law regulations. Read more »

  • WWF Polska warns that overfishing threatens the stability of the fish population and may deprive 800 million people dependent on fishery of their livelihood. Sustainable fishery may turn out to be a solution for this global environmental problem, provided that all parties involved will strive to achieve it. The key role in the change of consumer behaviour is played by the cooperation of fish... Read more »

  • According to the ranking by the Shanken’s IMPACT magazine, Żubrówka – the legendary Polish brand of vodka based on bison grass – is the world’s third best-selling vodka, only beaten by the Smirnoff and Absolut brands. The list was made on the basis of the previous year’s sales data. Read more »

  • Likworki by “Bałtyk” are candies with liquid filling hidden under a chocolate layer and a shell of crystallized sugar. They are unambiguously associated with Gdańsk – the city where they came into being and where they have been continually produced for 50 years. Their production involves several generations of chocolate delicacy creators. Works on their special recipe and production... Read more »

  • Two beer brands of the Kompania Piwowarska have been distinguished in the world’s oldest and most prestigious beer competition – The International Brewing & Cider Awards. By the jury’s decision, Lech Pils, brewed at Lech Browary Wielkopolski, received the Gold Medal in the “Lager 5.5-6.9% ABV” category. Read more »

  • “Classic” is a chocolate line which refers to its traditional image in paper wrapping. The Classic series includes 8 tablets of 100g, of which 4 are solid with additions and 4 are filled: Read more »

  • New plant processing milk and whey

    Czwartek, 24 stycznia 2019
  • Dr Gerard’s new packaging

    Czwartek, 24 stycznia 2019

    Undoubtedly, the highlight in Dr Gerard’s recent history is the change in the graphic design of the packaging. The new packaging reflects the new brand positioning, which aims at building Dr Gerard as a strong “umbrella brand”, emphasizing our competitive advantage, i.e. the wide portfolio of our cookies and wafers, but above all paying attention to the unique taste of our cookies,... Read more »

  • Eurohansa and novelties

    Czwartek, 24 stycznia 2019

    This year, new products will be introduced to the market in the group of nut and fruit bars under the SHE + ENERGY fruit & nut and HE + ENERGY nut & choco brand. Both recipes and packaging are ready. In the near future, this line will be expanded about bars for vegan: HE+ENERGY nut & spicy (bars with nuts, seeds spices like chili or tomato and basil) and HE+ENERGY superfruit & nut (bars with... Read more »

  • Good Ingredients is a unique concept under the Wawel brand, which is based on simple composition in all product recipes and highest quality raw materials. All Wawel products have now a clean label and the maker has become an expert in the field of sweet recipes without additives. Now is the time for the next stage in the campaign, in which publicity will be conducted very widely, primarily... Read more »

  • The agri-food exports to the United Arab Emirates are growing. After Saudi Arabia, this is Poland’s second largest economic and trade partner in this region. Only in 2017, the exports to the UAE market reached the value of EUR 85 million, growing by 11% over a year. However, the potential is still much higher. Halal meat, dairy products, confectionery or fruit preparations can become export... Read more »

  • Kucharek – Now in a new design!

    Czwartek, 24 stycznia 2019

    The brand Kucharek represents finest in quality. The secret of our products lies in their carefully selected ingredients, special compositions prepared by culinary experts and strict, constant control over the production. All this guarantees a unique taste and aroma for your dishes. Read more »