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Foreign trade in confectionery – exports and imports in the first three quarters of 2018

Friday, 25 January, 2019
According to the Statistics Poland, the Polish foreign trade turnover of confectionery1 is growing both on the side of exports and imports2. In the period January-September 20183, their exports rose by 5.0%, while imports increased by 4.1% compared to the same period last year.

In the three quarters of 2018, the export of confectionery from Poland amounted to EUR 1833.5 million, which accounted for 16.6% of all foodstuffs4 exports. Foreign customers mainly bought chocolate and other food preparations containing cocoa - for EUR 1030.1 million (increase by 7.2%) and waffles and wafers - for EUR 316.8 million (increase by 0.2%). The main customers were Germany (EUR 213.3 million and EUR 59.3 million respectively) and the United Kingdom (EUR 198.8 million and EUR 45.5 million respectively).

Another group of goods appreciated by foreign contractors were sweet biscuits, sales of which amounted to EUR 227.9 million (increase by 11.8%), including exports to Germany, EUR 76.1 million, UK - EUR 34.2 million, and France EUR 24.5 million.

High popularity was observed in the export of ice cream, ie an increase of 14.4% compared to last year. Their sales amounted to EUR 133.6 million mainly to Germany (EUR 36.6 million), Hungary (EUR 13.3 million) and the Czech Republic (EUR 11.1 million).

Higher than in the same period of 2017 year was the export of white chocolate (EUR 33.6 million, ie by 2.7%) and gingerbread and similar products (EUR 14.8 million, ie by 5.1%).

After a high increase in exports in the first three quarters of 2017, the sales of toffees, caramels and similar sweets dropped – to EUR 35.6 million and boiled sweets, whether filled or not filled – to EUR 27.0 million. Continued the drop of sales of gum and jelly confectionery – to EUR 11.0 million and chewing gum – to EUR 3.1 million.


The most of confectionery were sold to Germany - EUR 424.0 million, Great Britain - EUR 292.4 million, France – EUR 104.1 million, the Netherlands - EUR 87.2 million, Czech Republic - EUR 70.5 million and Romania – EUR 69.7 million.

In the period January-September 2018, the import of confectionery to Poland amounted to EUR 736.9 million, which accounted for 12.4% of all foodstuffs. The group of goods the most popular among importing enterprises was chocolate and other food preparations containing cocoa, where compared to the same period of 2017 year, purchases increased by 4.1% to EUR 491.7 million. The goods were mainly from Germany (EUR 220.5 million), Italy (EUR 53.3 million), Great Britain (EUR 38.0 million) and Belgium (EUR 33.9 million).

The next groups in imports in terms of purchase value were sweet biscuits – EUR 65.9 million, mainly German (EUR 16.4 million) and Slovak (EUR 15.9 million) and ice cream – EUR 53.7 million, including German (EUR 16,3 million) and Hungarian (EUR 7.0 million).

Imports of gum and jelly confectionery amounted to EUR 33.2 million, waffles and wafers – EUR 32.2 million, toffees, caramels and similar sweets – EUR 18.1 million, boiled sweets, whether filled or not filled – EUR 16.7 million, white chocolate – EUR 13.1 million, gingerbread and similar products – EUR 8.3 million and chewing gum – EUR 4.0 million.

The most confectionery were purchased from Germany – EUR 319.8 million, Italy – EUR 62.7 million, Great Britain – EUR 46.7 million, Belgium – EUR 43.4 million, the Netherlands – EUR 33.8 million, Slovakia – EUR 33.8 million and the Czech Republic – EUR 29.3 million.



1 Confectionery encompassed assorted goods included in Section IV of commodity classification of the Combined Nomenclature, i.e. CN 170410 – Chewing gum; CN 17049030 – White chocolate; CN 17049065 – Gum and jelly confectionery; CN 17049071 – Boiled sweets, whether filled or not filled; CN 17049075 – Toffees, caramels and similar sweets; CN 1806 – Chocolate and other food preparations containing cocoa; CN 190520 – Gingerbread and similar products; CN 190531 – Sweet biscuits; CN 190532 – Waffles and wafers; CN 2105 – Ice cream. Link to Regulation on the CN 2018: http://stat.gov.pl/en/intrastat/combined-nomenclature/
2 Imports by country of origin.
3 For 2018, the data is preliminary, which may change.
4 Foodstuffs include all products covering Sections IV of the CN tariff classification.




Paweł Witkowski, Senior Specialist, Trade and Services Department, Statistics Poland 

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